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Relationships can be a source of strength, love, and fulfillment. But sometimes seeking connection can lead to discord, anxiety, and shame. Park Avenue Relationship Consultants (PARC) provides a place of safety, calm, warmth and comfort to explore your relationship issues.

Founded on the principle that an experienced relationship therapist makes all the difference, PARC is a group of expertly trained, highly experienced psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, couples therapists, marriage therapists, and group leaders with an average of over 20 years’ experience.

Many are published authors, scientific presenters, and distinguished faculty at important psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic training centers.

We provide a private, personal service that offers a wealth of respect, expertise, and support. We respect your privacy and unlike other services, we do not share your personal issues with health insurance companies. Privacy and confidentiality is extremely important to us.

PARC has a loyal clientele, which includes business executives, bankers, doctors, lawyers, leaders in their community and people at high levels in their organization or industry.

PARC therapists are fully licensed by the state of New York to provide marriage counseling, couples therapy, family therapy and relationship therapy for individuals. They are also licensed to run therapy groups and workshops.

We have multiple office locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester and Southampton, NY.

American Psychological AssociationInternational Psychoanalytical AssociationNew York State Society for Clinical Social WorkersAssociation for Marriage and Family

Please call 212-289-0295 or email us to make an appointment or to find out more about PARC. Our Client Services representative is available to speak with you now.