Another year, another day, another opportunity to show your partner how much they mean to you. For past anniversaries, you have done the usual dinner date, movie night and weekend trip. This year, why not try something new and different? Whether big or small, changing up the anniversary routine can spark a new appreciation in your relationship.

Throw a curveball into the standard anniversary expectations with a few new ideas:

First Date…The Sequel!

Remember your first date with your partner? You were maybe nervous, a bit shy but excited for a new romantic prospect. Try recreating that special day by going to that same restaurant or seeing that same movie. Even better, do you remember where you had your first kiss? Bringing up the sentiment of that first date can be a reminder of how far you have progressed in your relationship and your future together.

Let’s Be Kids Again!

This day and age we are bombarded with work and responsibility. Daily life can be hard, so treat your anniversary to some childhood antics. Start your day with something carefree and fun such as laser tag or paintball. Go grand in a hot air balloon or take a trip to the amusement park. Bringing child-like pleasures into your anniversary is a sure-fire way to peel off the layers of responsibility and inject your anniversary with the fun you both deserve.

Make Your Own Hooch

Shared activities are a great way to strengthen the bond with your partner. An excellent activity you can do is make wine or beer together. Highlight your anniversary by pouring yourself a tall glass of nectar from the Gods that you made together. Relishing your efforts and enjoying something you created together is a great way to feel that bit closer.

Play DJ!

Whatever you decide to do on your anniversary, you need some special tunes to make the day that much more special. Create a special playlist with music you both love or are in theme with your activities for your day. Going to a winery? Don’t forget to include some bossa nova in your playlist. Going on a hike? Don’t forget to include adventurous music. Or better yet, program a song in your playlist that corresponds to a great memory you both share. Music is a fun way to remember great memories and to start new ones.

Set The Scene

Want to be mysterious for your anniversary? Leave a train ticket on the refrigerator stating a particular time and place to meet. The air of mystery surrounding your plans with enhance the excitement and allow for more enjoyment on your anniversary.

Whatever you do for your anniversary, whether grand or small, just remember – it’s the thought that counts!