Spring is officially here! The trees and flowers are shaking off the last bite of Jack Frost and they’re ready to win us over with their charm. Spring offers the possibility of renewal with the greening of the grass and the warmth of the weather.

While it’s commonplace to clean out your house for the proverbial Spring cleaning, why not clean out the clutter in your relationship?

Freshen With A Question!

No matter how healthy a relationship may be, you may have difficult questions you need to ask your significant other. Do you want to have children? Do you want to start over in a new city?

For many reasons, you may have been putting off these questions for fear that you may rock the boat but in reality you may be causing yourself unnecessary stress. Let go of this stress and voice your concerns to your significant other. Getting these questions off your chest will freshen your relationship and allow you to cleanse and invigorate your life.

Raise The Bar For Your Star!

The quality of your relationship has a lot of bearing on your day to day life. Between personal and professional commitments, it’s easy to fall into a routine and suffer from relationship fatigue. When your relationship is in a rut, you may notice that this ennui will filter into other facets of your life. With the promise of rejuvenation that Spring sings, change up the routine and raise the bar on your significant others’ expectations.

Cook them their favorite meal, take them to the movies, surprise them with a weekend trip, whatever you can do to raise the bar and introduce a new pop in the step of your relationship will be greatly appreciated and prove to solidify your bond.

Declutter To Keep Hearts Aflutter!

In a relationship, it is easy to hold in things that may bother us about our significant other. Whether its wondering why they are so messy or why they don’t make plans with other couples so you have more of a social life, these little things that bother us may add up. As time goes on and we continue to hide these feelings, it ultimately takes that much longer to bring them to the surface and solve.

When Spring cleaning your relationship, dust off these feelings and present them to your significant other. Describe your feelings by using the operator “I” instead of “You” which will keep the tone of your discussion without blame. Doing so will be an excellent way to declutter any problems that the two of you have been brushing under the rug.

Clear The Air & Share!

This Spring, take stock of your relationship and see what needs your attention. This may be a lot of work, but by getting rid of your relationship hang-ups and having more fun together is what Spring is all about. By clearing the air and opening your heart to your significant other, you two will grow closer. What are you waiting for, open your arms and feel the warm embrace of Spring!