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Relationship Therapy for Families

Facing challenges is a natural part of being a family. When you take part in family therapy with Park Avenue Relationship Consultants, you work with a family therapist experienced in working jointly with members of families, including blended and extended families. Parents and adult children, step-parents, young adult and adolescent children, grandparents, in-laws, siblings, and aunts and uncles are all welcome in our family therapy.

New! Relationship Therapy for Family Businesses

Family businesses need a unique combination of expertise to help them effectively resolve conflicts. Business consultants help your business. Family counselors help your family. Our family business relationship counselors can provide both at the same time.

Relationship Therapy for Individuals

Whether you are coping with a failed relationship, having difficulty sustaining friendships or romantic relationships, or clashing with family or colleagues, our highly trained and experienced relationship therapists can help you find solutions, one-on-one. Whatever the cause, our therapists can guide you through difficult periods with individual therapy.

Relationship Therapy for Couples

A warm and fulfilling relationship with another human being can be the sustaining center of your life. But often conflicting viewpoints and the stresses of day-to-day living get in the way of fully connecting with your partner. Couples therapy is an in-depth approach from an expert clinician, and can be an ideal solution for couples facing serious problems.

Relationship Therapy for Parents

It’s no secret that bringing up children can at times put a strain on even the healthiest relationship. Add into the mix major life changes such as divorce, remarriage, adoption, or any of life’s other upsets, and things can get complicated. Seeing a relationship therapist specialized in family struggles can help.