Does return to normal fill you with dread?

Now that the world is opening up, do you feel yourself shutting down? For singles and couples renegotiating space—closeness and distance—is a challenge. What used to feel normal now feels…strange. For many, social anxiety is on the rise as people navigate a less virtual, more in-person world. 

Now that couples don’t have to stay together—will they?  How does the relationship adjust to more competing demands from the outside world.  In response to change, some folks find themselves “clingy” while others just want to “escape.” Dealing with disparate inclinations can make for distressful dynamics.  

Whatever you are struggling with in today’s changing landscape, a consultation with a PARC relationship specialist could help you to cope with and navigate the situation in a more constructive way.

To schedule a session with one of our expert relationship consultants, please contact our Client Coordinator at 917-340-7592 or email us. Also ask about our special 3 and 5 session packages for new clients.

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About PARC:

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Park Avenue Relationship Consultants (PARC) is an out-of-network New York relationship counseling service with private office locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale and Long Island. We specialize in couples therapy, individual and family relationship counseling, and marriage and pre-marital counseling. Each PARC therapist is an expertly trained, fully licensed clinician with over 20 years’ experience working with couples, individuals and families. All sessions are private and client information confidential.

We are now offering 45 and 60 minute video counseling sessions in the comfort and safety of your own home. In-person sessions are available only at certain office locations. All sessions are out-of-network, private and confidential. For details—and to schedule your first session—please contact our Client Coordinator at 917-340-7592 or via email. We also offer special introductory 3- and 5-session video counseling packages for new clients only.

PARC is out-of-network. A private counseling service, we do not accept payments from insurers or belong to any insurance networks. While insurance plans can reduce costs, we believe they can compromise quality of service, privacy and confidentiality. PARC is dedicated to providing the highest level of counseling to clients, with guaranteed privacy and confidentiality. If your insurance plan offers out-of-network mental health coverage, your therapist can provide documentation you can submit to your insurance provider for re-imbursement.

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