How extraordinary! That in this day and age, and in the United States, a democracy that believes in the rights of each individual man and woman, a sacred rite of marriage has been arranged in such a primitive manner by the church of Scientology, from what I have read in the press. To find a mate for a movie star!

Although one has to admire Katie Holmes for her divorce petition and her interest in protecting her child from the control of a cult, it is nevertheless shocking that she would have agreed to this marital arrangement in the first place, even though they say it brought her $50 million. But let’s give her space and applaud her…she is fighting hard and trying to make amends for the sake of her daughter.

Germany is the only country that refuses to recognize Scientology as a religion. They know enough about authoritarian regimes and are trying to learn from their horrible experience. We all have read about children being held hostage by their parents who belong to a cult. Remember Jonestown? Many of those mothers who came to their senses were unable to escape with their children.

Let’s support Katie Holmes! She represents many mothers in similar situations like those abusive situations in which women find it difficult to protect their children. It will be a tough fight, because it might turn out that the Scientology Church is more important to Tom Cruise than the emotional peace of his child. He might not allow little Suri to remain with her mother. When Nicole Kidman divorced Tom Cruise, she lost custody of both her children.

Harriet Pappenheim, LCSW
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