One wonders what will happen to this beautiful woman who has decided to devote her life to a handsome prince and to walk behind him, shuffling like an ancient Chinese maiden, for the rest of her life. Why would an intelligent, highly educated woman do this to herself? It’s true that she gets a lot in return. After all, she is the star of the ultimate romantic story; Cinderella (albeit with millionaire parents) who marries the handsome prince and goes on to become the Queen of England, with flunkies bowing all around her. Doesn’t sound so bad, but she still has to keep shuffling for the rest of her life.

After her spectacular wedding in Westminster Abbey, as she is about to hop gracefully into her carriage, she turns to Prince William and asks “Are you happy?” He nods and says “yes” and then reminds her to wave to the crowds. Why would a new bride, after the ceremony, ask her new groom if he is happy? What an odd question, wouldn’t she assume that? Of course, we really don’t know what was behind her question. But it does make one wonder if she is basically a caretaker, and if she unconsciously takes on the role of his dead mother, Princess Dianna. Maybe Prince William needs the help, support and nurturing that his father needs from Camilla. Could be. Maybe Prince William’s job is so tough that he can’t do it alone, or at least without the woman “I love by my side”. Remember Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson?

It’s hard to believe that Kate Middleton, or Lady Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge; a modern, savvy, and educated woman won’t get tired of all her shuffling and waving after a few years. Well, let’s hope not. Perhaps she will find some challenging projects of her own to keep her engaged throughout her lifetime. That’s the only solution.

Harriet Pappenheim, LCSW

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