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Each marriage and couples therapist at Park Avenue Relationship Consultants has 20 to 30 years of experience and extensive postgraduate training. They are credentialed by prestigious professional organizations and are well-qualified to help you to improve your marriage and your relationship.

New York State Society for Clinical Social Workers
International Psychoanalytical Association
American Psychological Association
Association for Marriage and Family

Couples therapy and marriage counseling can help you with the following relationship issues and more

Improving Communication

Do you or your partner just not talk? Or do you speak, but feel that you are not listened to or are not understood. Many couples can learn to become better communicators and, in the process, strengthen their connection to one another.

Intercultural Issues

17% of new relationships in the USA today are intercultural or interracial. Even though there is greater societal acceptance, couples struggle to understand the values inherent in each other’s cultural backgrounds. Couples therapy is an excellent way to learn about each other’s background, to develop greater tolerance and respect for individual differences in a safe and neutral therapeutic environment.

Interfaith Issues

Religious issues often become paramount when raising children and they can cause misunderstanding and tensions between loving partners. Marriage counselling can bring couples to a place of understanding and compromise, with each parent respecting the other’s values and beliefs.


Infidelity and cheating can be a devastating wound to the injured partner and can destroy your relationship. Almost 50% of these couples divorce. Couples therapy is the only way to repair this damage, if it can be repaired at all. Our experienced relationship therapists can provide a safe and healing place to address this painful issue and help you get past it.

Financial Issues

Differences about financial priorities are a source of conflict in many marriages. There are several issues. Money is power. Who has the power? Is it the spouse who makes the most money? How are finances distributed? Who has the bank accounts? Who has the investment funds? There can be a lot of tension and much of it may have to do with the partner’s early upbringing and beliefs about money. PARC’s relationship therapists can help you sort this out so that these issues don’t damage your marriage and partnership.

Should We Have Children?

This is an important question that often prevents couples from moving on with their relationship. It is complicated by issues both partners may have difficulty discussing, such as wishes and needs, doubts and conflicts. These issues can be shared with one another in a supportive atmosphere with an understanding couples therapist.


Step-parenting takes a lot of skill. It can be very hard to do. PARC’s relationship therapists can give you the advice and tips you need in a safe, supportive and neutral environment. Come alone, or with your partner. It will make a big difference in your family life.

Blended Family Issues

Today, it is not uncommon for divorced parents to commit to a relationship with another divorced parent. Both may bring their children from a former marriage into their new relationship, either occasionally, more than occasionally, or full time. PARC’s marriage counsellors know how to work with the complicated family situations. Family members can be seen individually, in a small group, or with the blended family as a whole, depending on what is needed at the time.

Divorce and Co-Parenting

Every divorce is a trauma for children no matter how much you try to make it otherwise. That’s why reasonably congenial co-parenting is so essential. Too often the hurt and anger parents may have felt during a marriage lingers on, dramatically effecting the children. Relationship therapists can help you to focus together on the emotional, psychological and practical needs of your children who need to see you working as a team on their behalf. Our counsellors can help you to do what you both actually want to do, which is to help your children emerge from the divorce in as healthy a way as possible.

In-Law Tensions

It’s not uncommon for a couple’s relationship to suffer when there is friction, overt or covert, between them and one or both sets of parents. There are many reasons for this, including perceived intrusiveness, interference in child rearing, genuine dislike of a particular member of the family. It’s important to get counseling about this issue. Couples therapy at PARC can include in-laws in the mix if the couple requests it.

Sexual Tensions

Bickering and angry conflicts often stand in the way of a joyful and pleasurable sex life, losing the important experience of bonding that could sustain them as a couple. Sometimes individual partners are hiding personal issues of shame and inhibition. Or there may be conflicts around issues such as monogamy, polyamory, open marriage, pornography, bisexuality and other sexual preferences. Couples therapy with any of PARC’s counsellors provide a safe, supportive environment in which to explore sexual issues and resolve conflict.

Constant Bickering

Does it seem as if you and your spouse or partner are constantly bickering over trivial issues? What is it about? What is really underneath it? Why is this happening? We can help you get to the bottom of this bickering in a safe, secure and neutral environment.

Emotional Outbursts

Outbursts are very upsetting to partners and children, particularly if these outbursts are psychologically and emotionally assaultive. Regardless of if the partner who is prone to emotional outbursts has the intention to harm, it does cause harm. Couples can be helped if they come into relationship counselling together, explore misunderstandings, and find others ways to express frustration and unhappiness.

Empty Nest Marital Issues

The kids are gone and after 20 years, mom and dad are alone together again. It can be a sad, but wonderful relief to have this time together again. Or, old problematic issues between you as a couple or new problematic concerns can arise. This is a good time to take stock of your relationship with an experienced marriage counsellor and move it forward.

Gray Divorce

What do you need to consider if you end a long-term marriage towards the latter part of your life? Divorce in the later years has become a more common occurrence, and must be handled with care and consideration. Seeking help from a knowledgeable couples therapist at this time is the best way to handle these complicated and often painful issues.

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Park Avenue Relationship Consultants places the highest value on your privacy

When you work with a relationship counsellor at Park Avenue Relationship Consultants, your private records never leave our offices unless you specifically request it. To further protect your privacy, we do not accept in-network insurance.

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How to Suggest Marriage Counselling or Couples Therapy to Your Partner

There are issues in your relationship that you wish to discuss, but your partner might not feel the same way or might be wary about counselling. It can be a challenge to press the point. If you face this dilemma, stop by for a consult on your own. PARC’s relationship counsellors can provide suggestions as to how you might convince your partner to consider marriage counseling or couples therapy.

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