Your Records Will Always be Kept Confidential and Secure

Historically, when patients have gone to therapists for help, they have been protected and assured by doctor-patient confidentiality. That confidential relationship was held as absolute and sacred, and a source of pride within the clinical psychology profession. In today’s world, that privacy is being eroded by practices of over-sharing information with bureaucracies and systems, and are threatened even further by the ever-present risk of data breaches and leaks. The more people who come into contact with your information, the more chances there are that it could be released accidentally or intentionally.

This is why when you work with a therapist at Park Avenue Relationship Consultants, your private records never leave our offices unless you specifically request that we do so. Your participation in counseling is never disclosed unless you, the client, explicitly requests it in writing. PARC clients can feel confident that their privacy is respected and their confidential data is safeguarded. Our office staff and administrators are all vetted and trained in discretion and record-keeping security so you can be confident that your information is always protected.

Because we are independent of managed care, the course of therapy is determined by you and your therapist, and not by an insurance company or other third party.

In-Network Treatment is Not Confidential

In order to receive reimbursement from your health insurance company as an in-network patient, you must be labeled with a mental health disorder. This diagnosis may follow you for years to come and affect your insurance premiums, as well as eligibility for jobs, homes, credit card applications and more. This is why we do not accept in-network insurance, and you should think carefully about this information before proceeding with in-network therapy.

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High-Profile Clients Are Safe With Us

PARC takes pride in it's level of service to all clients.Corporate executives, elected officials, community leaders, and celebrities are just as susceptible to the burdens and problems of life as the rest of society一and there are many struggles which are more likely when you live in the public eye. Trying to get treatment for your problems can feel like asking to have your trust and privacy violated by opportunists. We want to assure you that trust and discretion are our top concerns, and we will protect your confidential information with all of the security and sensitivity that it is owed.

We’ve created a safe place where all of our clients can speak freely and without judgement. Privacy is highly respected here; conversations between our therapists and clients are always held in strict confidence.

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