Here are 10 important points that can help you communicate about PARC’s services

Often, this is a difficult task. It requires tact, kindness and patience, attributes which are hard to come by when you are stuck in a troubled and possibly contentious phase of your relationship. Here are some suggestions:

1) Think long and hard about how you might approach this. If your partner is particularly resistant to the idea, angry demands won’t work.

2) Make every attempt to be calm when initiating your conversation with your partner. It may be hard because of the stress between the two of you, but you can do it, if you prepare yourself well.

3) Find a quiet, private time. Don’t do this in a rush. Going out to dinner is not a bad idea. But don’t drink too much. Tempers flare under the influence of alcohol.

4) Start out on a hopeful note. Tell your spouse that you want your relationship to work, but there have been so many differences and tensions between you, that reasonable communication has become almost impossible.

5) Tell your partner that you take your share of the responsibility. That you realize that no one person is always to blame. “It takes two to Tango”, as they say. This is very important.

6) Emphasize that both of you need clarification and help, to understand why there are so many rifts between you.

7) Tell your partner that you know of a very good service where very experienced couple therapists and marriage counselors have helped people for many years.

8) Then talk about PARC which specializes in relationship therapy and helps people to improve their communication skills and to better understand each other.

9) Make up your mind not to become incensed at signs of resistance of any kind in your partner. Stay calm and hopeful. Sympathize with your partner’s wariness. Ask your partner what he/she most worries about in undertaking therapy or counseling. Is she/ he afraid of making things worse? Point out that things can’t get worse, and that if you both want the relationship to improve, things can only get better. Be ready to listen, and not argue. Repeat some of the points noted above.

10) Ask your partner if he/she would allow you to make an appointment for a consultation at PARC, no strings attached.

We hope these points can help you with the communication about PARC’s services. If you need additional help please feel free to contact us.

Please call 917-340-7592 or email Client Services for answers to your questions or to make an appointment.


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