Within a culture hellbent on getting results right here, right now, whatever the means, the contemporary workforce is struggling to balance personal and professional lives. Striking the perfect balance has become all the more challenging and is tearing the very fabric of the American family.

The seemingly endless grind may make you feel out of control. However, there are things in your life that you can control and will help you manage your time, attention and well-being.

1. Acknowledge What Is Most Important to You

Time is just as important as any other form of currency. The first step is to identify what is most important to you.

Cut out things, people or scenarios in your life that are preventing you from spending more time with the people you love or doing the things that bring you joy.

While this may sound easy in theory than in practice, you must establish boundaries that will ultimately help you achieve a proper life/work balance. For example, have a firm cut-off time for answering emails, or establish a “no work call” period every evening. Divide your schedule so that your personal life is not constantly at the mercy of professional commitments.

2. Balance Life/Family Responsibilities

The American society of yesterday dictated that the man worked at their job and provided the source of income and woman worked in the home and nurtured the children. This idea has become obsolete as both men and women have been caught up within the 24/7 workflow.

Work demands often supersede family demands with job security on every one’s minds. Consequently, working with your partner to ensure that both of you get sufficient “family time” within a demanding work schedule is of the utmost importance.

3. Listen to Your Body

Our bodies are resilient and adaptable to stress. As a precautionary measure, keep in mind that you need to listen to your body, both physically and mentally for signs that stress has taken its toll.

If you feel your energy level reaching dangerously low levels, find organic ways to revive yourself. Eschew temporary fixes such as caffeine and try to make getting a full night’s sleep on a regular basis a priority.

In concert with this, try to find time in your busy schedule to exercise as doing so will boost your energy and your ability to concentrate.

Striving to find a work/life balance is a continuous process where you will be successful at times and less so at other times. The main thing is to keep everything in perspective – what’s most important to you? And how can you manage your time more efficiently so that your personal life and relationships don’t get sacrificed to the 24/7 grind?

As difficult as it may be, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is for your long-term happiness and wellbeing to think seriously about this, and work with your partner, your employer and your family to come up with some solutions.

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