By Piyali Syam, Google Author

It’s summer! The sun is hot, and the days are long. In other words, it’s the perfect time to get away, escape the daily grind and give yourself some much-needed rest and relaxation.

A vacation is essential for replenishing your own mental, emotional, and physical energy reserves. It can also provide a rare and special opportunity to revitalize your relationship with your significant other. In fact, vacationing with your loved one may even improve job performance!

Some more important benefits to taking a couples vacation:

Getting Away from the Kids

While children are certainly a blessing, their constant presence inevitably affects the dynamic between you and your partner. There’s only so much attention and emotion we can give or feel at any one time! Worrying about what your children are doing at any given moment, managing multiple schedules, dealing with multiple personalities, etc., splits your focus. It detracts from attention you can give to each other and to your relationship.

Removing your children from the equation, if only temporarily, allows you to explore your connection as individuals. With no distractions, you can give each other your full and undivided attention.

Rediscovering Your Partner

Even if your children have long flown the nest, you may feel that your home life has settled into the monotony of routine. Constantly seeing and interacting with someone in the same environment, day after day, can lead to stagnant patterns in the relationship. You may have settled into comfortable and rote manners of speaking, listening, touching, etc.

A couples’ vacation offers you time to enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of outside demands.  You’ll see each other in a new context. Just the process of planning a trip together and choosing activities which both of you will enjoy gives you a chance to reconnect over shared interests, and to explore new sides of each other.

Reconnecting Sexually

The drudgery of routine can certainly extend to your sex life. Perhaps you and your partner haven’t had the chance to experiment, or have become so familiar that you haven’t felt genuine excitement for each other in some time?

The entire industry of romantic getaways and couples vacations is built around giving couples prime opportunities to rekindle intimacy. Anticipate and encourage this aspect by bringing sensual massage oils, choosing a secluded locale, and packing your stay with romantic dinners and walks along the beach.

You’ll also find that your senses are awakened just by being in a new environment. Spice it up with adventurous activities such as mountain climbing or horseback riding, all of which can re-ignite that passionate spark. An adrenaline rush can really heighten your arousal, giving your sex life with your partner a gratifying boost!

See here for more natural ways to encourage your sex drive, whether on or off vacation!

Finding it hard to connect?

Of course, there is always the possibility that spending so much time alone with your partner on a couples vacation brings long-standing conflicts or issues out into the light.

If so, then this could in fact be a significant benefit on its own. Realizing and coming to terms with this truth – if it is such – is key to strengthening your relationship in the long term.

This is the ideal time to seek outside help.  Couples therapy with PARC is a safe, rewarding, enriching experience that provides the solution to unspoken problems and grievances that may be destroying your connection with your partner.

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