Thinking about starting couples therapy but not sure where to begin? PARC is now offering a series of introductory packages for couples who want to explore counseling with one of our expertly trained relationship therapists. Available to new clients only, these packages of 5 60-minute video or phone sessions are a great first step for couples who have never been in counseling together. After completing your sessions, you may continue working with your therapist as a couple or separately but are under no obligation to do so. See below for some topics you may explore together in your 5-session package. For details—and to schedule your first session—please contact Barbara our Client Coordinator at 917-340-7592 or email us.

Infidelity 101: How Did We Get Here & How Do We Move Forward?

Maybe you knew something was off, maybe you didn’t. Perhaps you two were doing well, but somehow “it” happened. Whether the infidelity was an affair of the heart, a lost night, a virtual dalliance, an “overly close” friendship gone awry, it is now your mutual nightmare. Hurt. Anger. Distrust. Dread. Despair…and much more abound. In these sessions you and your partner will explore what the affair meant to your relationship; how your lives feel changed and challenged by it; what your hopes and fears are in coming together to explore more; and finally, what does “repair” look like and how might that be possible.

For details and to sign up contact Barbara our Client Coordinator at 917-340-7592 or by email.

Communication: A Win-Win Approach to Relationship Conflict

So many couples contact us saying, “we love each other, but we just have trouble communicating.” Often A LOT has been communicated: disappointment, criticism, blame, anger, frustration, hopelessness, fear. But it hasn’t landed in a way their partner can hear and respond to in a helpful way. So they feel stuck. Conflict doesn’t feel safe; nor does avoidance.  With the help of a PARC therapist, couples can learn to identify their attachment dynamic and influence it in a way that can lead to a more secure, loving relationship.

For details and to sign up contact Barbara our Client Coordinator at 917-340-7592 or by email.

Pre-Marital Relationship Check-Up

“Tying the knot,“ “Taking the plunge,” ”Settling down,” “Becoming One”… Whether you are planning to marry or just thinking about it, don’t let problems in your relationship remain hidden and unspoken only to erupt after you have taken your vows. If unaddressed, pre-marital jitters can get you into a jam. Tackle your issues now and protect your marriage. In these intensive pre-marital counseling sessions, you will learn to communicate when there is conflict and be open and honest with your beloved partner with the help of a neutral and supportive PARC Relationship Therapist. This 5-session package is a great first step to firming your foundation before taking your next big step.

For details and to sign up contact Barbara our Client Coordinator at 917-340-7592 or by email.

The Ins & Outs of In-Laws: Repairing Family Relationships

Holidays have a way of bringing out the worst in family relations, and resurrecting old family conflicts. Old habits die hard and family alliances and biases can divide you, your spouse/partner and respective families. Whether you are in open conflict, secret warfare or stony silence with your relatives, learn some tools of re-engagement to assert and protect yourselves. Re-shaping boundaries with in-laws and extended family takes courage, reflection, and compassion. With the help of a PARC therapist, you can learn to manage your age-old family struggles and find a new voice to guide you and your loved ones towards a more peaceable and protective co-existence.

For details and to sign up contact Barbara our Client Coordinator at 917-340-7592 or by email.

Don’t see the topic you want? To suggest your own 5-session package please contact Barbara our Client Coordinator at 917-340-7592 or by email.

About PARC:

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Park Avenue Relationship Consultants (PARC) is an out-of-network New York relationship counseling service with private office locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale and Long Island. We specialize in couples therapy, individual and family relationship counseling, and marriage and pre-marital counseling. Each PARC therapist is an expertly trained, fully licensed clinician with over 20 years’ experience working with couples, individuals and families. All sessions are private and client information confidential.

During the current health crisis, we are offering special discounted video counseling sessions in the privacy and safety of your own home. All video sessions are out-of-network, private and confidential. Offer is available to individuals, couples and families (new clients only) and expires February 1, 2021. For more information—and to schedule your first session—please call PARC Client Services at 917-340-7592 or email us.

PARC is out-of-network. A private counseling service, we do not accept payments from insurers or belong to any insurance networks. While insurance plans can reduce costs, we believe they can compromise quality of service, privacy and confidentiality. PARC is dedicated to providing the highest level of counseling to clients, with guaranteed privacy and confidentiality. If your insurance plan offers out-of-network mental health coverage, your therapist can provide documentation you can submit to your insurance provider for re-imbursement.