Thinking about trying couples therapy or marriage counseling? Not sure where to start? PARC is now offering an introductory 3-session special for couples who want to explore relationship counseling together with a highly skilled and experienced relationship specialist. During these exploratory counseling sessions you and your partner will learn to define and manage your relationship conflicts, and improve your listening and communication with the help of a neutral and supportive PARC Relationship Therapist.

Common topics you may explore in your special counseling sessions:

  • Is it possible to disagree in a less heated way? Learn how you can both “win” arguments by addressing conflict in a healthier way.
  • Tools that can help de-escalate tension and repair rupture.
  • Is too much compromise compromising your relationship? Would you do almost anything to avoid conflict?
  • What might a “separation” mean for your relationship? The end or a re-set? How to, at least, begin to talk about it.
  • How are money conflicts costing your relationship?
  • How to create more enjoyable leisure time together—and apart.

Available to new clients only, our 3-session special is a great first step for couples who have never been in relationship counseling together. After completing your three sessions, you may continue working with your therapist as a couple or separately but are under no obligation to do so. For more details please contact PARC client services at 917-340-7592 or email us.

NOTE: We also offer a special 5-Session Pre-Marital Relationship Check-Up for pre-married couples ($250 Off). For details and to sign up please contact us.

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PARC (Park Avenue Relationship Consultants) are some of New York’s most skilled and experienced relationship therapists for couples, families and individuals. Our expertly trained, fully licensed therapists have private offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale and Long Island. Complete confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed. Out-of-network only. For more information, please contact PARC client services or visit