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At PARC, your relationship or marriage is in expert hands. Our therapists provide a comfortable, neutral, private space where you—and your spouse, partner, or family—can learn to resolve conflicts in your relationship, improve communication, reduce stress and tension, enhance mutual understanding, and strengthen your connections.

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Tackling underlying issues before saying “I do” sets a great foundation for your marriage. Premarital counseling has been shown to reduce divorce risk by 30%. A skilled therapist, specialized in the issues that marriage and weddings present, is key to the success of your marriage. Our couples therapists are here for you. We also offer:

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Facing challenges is a natural part of being a family. When functioning well, families can work through issues together and emerge stronger, even continuing to nurture one another throughout adulthood. With family therapy, we can help your family develop the tools to overcome challenges together, strengthen your relationships with one another, and create a supportive family environment.

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Our therapists are credentialed by one or more of the following elite professional organizations:

American Psychological AssociationInternational Psychoanalytical AssociationNew York State Society for Clinical Social WorkAmerican Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

What Clients Say About PARC Relationship Therapy

Working with PARC was a major part of saving our marriage. The marriage counseling provided was done so with perspective and mindfulness and was much needed. So glad I called you guys. Thanks so much!

Mel B.

PARC was the miracle that saved my family. My therapist was very careful and thoughtful with the advice she provided. It took more than a few visits but it was truly worth it. No regrets.

David D.

Timing was so important. I can’t imagine where things would be now if I didn’t consult you. Probably the best decision I made in years. Things are not perfect yet, but definitely back in the right direction. The time and effort was absolutely worth it!

Jen A.

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